The 1st Mess-Free Hair Removal.

This is strip sugar ® not waxing. Meet your go-to healthy, less painful alternative to conventional waxes.

Simple, safe, and effective hair removal.

You will never forget your first Kiss. Kiss Waxing® Strip Sugar® is natural hair removal using sugar and strips. Our sugar is vegan, water-soluble, and 100% sanitary!

You can use Kiss Waxing® to remove hair on any area of the body because it’s gentle to use for all hair types and skin types, even on the most sensitive skin. Why compromise? You can have up to 4 weeks of smooth skin, naturally. Get your skin Kiss-ed and never look back!

Who knew hair removal could be fun?

Leave it to Kiss Waxing® to bring a new meaning to smooth, always kiss-able skin.

How to kiss?

3 simple & easy-to-follow steps

1. Squeeze

2. Spread

3. Strip

What beauty professionals are saying

Although I am quite familiar with waxing myself and others, I feel like Kiss Waxing did a wonderful job creating this consumer friendly kit. This set contains all you can possible need to strip sugar at home… no pro needed!….
I will be honest waxing is not something I look forward to as I get beach ready… in fact I dread it! I often schedule a trip to the wax studio only to put it off until it’s time to swim, or go to the beach…..
This All in 1 Mess Free Hair Removal Kit is bomb. I love the overall concept, it’s like bringing the spa into your own home. It has every single thing you need to get beautiful, glowing, radiant and hairless skin….


Strip Sugar® is made from 3 simple ingredients:
Sugar, Water, & Lemon

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All-in-1 Mess-Free Hair Removal Kit
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