Why do professionals use KiSS Waxing® as their hair removal system of choice?

In a strong effort to answer the cries of beauty academies across the world, Alexandria Professional® developed a very simple, safe and effective hair removal waxing product that is all natural, water soluble, not hot to the skin, 100% sanitary, easy to use and more economical!

Why Else? No More Double Dipping!

Double dipping into a wax pot is never recommended and is against regulations in most countries. Too many staph infections contracted due to waxing have been reported over the years. Our KiSS Waxing® hair removal system eliminates all cross‐contamination issues associated with conventional waxing by using a squeeze bottle!
How to Use

How it Works

Squeeze, Spread & Strip

KiSS Waxing Step 1: Squeez
KiSS Waxing: Step 2 Spread
KiSS Waxing Step 3 Strip

How to Use

Achieve Beautiful Smooth Skin in
3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Depending on the area of the body you are working on, you can either apply the KiSS to a spatula for smaller areas such as eyebrows or directly to the skin from the squeeze bottle for larger areas.

Step 2: Using your KiSS Waxing bottle, squeeze directly onto the skin and spread in an even, thin layer. Apply the epilation strip over the KiSS Waxing, and press firmly onto the skin in the direction of the hair growth.

Step 3: Hold the skin taut, and remove the strip against the direction of growth.

Note: When you are treating large areas such as legs, you can squeeze and spread KiSS all over the front of each leg before you begin to strip KiSS off, dramatically cutting down treatment time.

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Professionals have made KiSS Waxing™ their hair removal waxing system of choice due to it’s simplicity, safety, and effectiveness. Not only is our system easy to use, it is also all-natural, water soluble, will not burn, and 100% sanitary.
Trust us, you’ll never go back.


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