How it Works

9 Easy Steps to the Perfect Kiss!

Step 1

Cleanse the skin with the Skin Cleanser to eliminate dirt and oils (not included in the small body kit).

Step 2

Spray the Skin Tonic over the skin to help open the hair cuticles.

Step 3

Make sure skin is dry before spreading a thin and even layer of the Skin Powder (not included in the small body kit).

Step 4

Squeeze Kiss Waxing® onto the area you wish to remove hair. The consistency should be honey-like and not require any effort to squeeze out, and not be runny.

Step 5

Spread the strip sugar® using the edge of the spatula at a backward 45-degree angle in the direction of hair growth. Repeat the previous step till no more strip sugar® rolls onto the spatula. The sugar should be thinly applied.

Step 6

Lay the cotton strip over the Kiss Waxing® leaving an edge free to grab at the end of that strip. Grip the edge of the cotton strip, and with a firm action, quickly remove the strip parallel to the skin and against the natural direction of hair growth. Be sure to hold the skin taught behind the strip you’re removing. Do not pull the strip upwards as this may cause bruising.

Step 7

When you have completed the hair removal, spray generously the Skin Tonic on the area.

Step 8

While the skin is damp, follow up by applying the Skin Moisturizer all over the treated area. (moisturizer not included in the small body kit).

Step 9

Store Kiss Waxing® with the lid and cap tightly secured. Store in a cool dry place ONLY. Do not store in a bathroom. Shower and bathing water humidity will affect the consistency.

Pro Tips From the Sugar Queen

Watch as our founder, Lina Kennedy, breaks down
step-by-step how to use KissWaxing®.

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