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This is strip sugar®, not wax. Meet your go-to long-lasting, less painful alternative to conventional waxes.


Mess-Free Body Hair Removal
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Although I am quite familiar with waxing myself and others, I feel like Kiss Waxing did a wonderful job creating this consumer friendly kit. This set contains all you can possible need to strip sugar at home… no pro needed!…


I will be honest waxing is not something I look forward to as I get beach ready… in fact I dread it! I often schedule a trip to the wax studio only to put it off until it’s time to swim, or go to the beach…..

This All in 1 Mess Free Hair Removal Kit is bomb. I love the overall concept, it’s like bringing the spa into your own home. It has every single thing you need to get beautiful, glowing, radiant and hairless skin….

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How to KISS

The steps should be as follows:

Step 7


Prepare your skin

Step 9


Warm the strip sugar®

Step 4


As easy as squeeze–spread–strip

Step 9


Hydrate your skin



What is the difference between Kiss Waxing® Strip Sugar® and sugar paste sold in jars?

Kiss Waxing® is the 1st strip sugar® in a squeezable bottle you can use with cotton strips for an easy, mess-free hair removal. Sugar pastes sold in jars are for those who are comfortable with the hand “spread & flick” technique.

Why do I have a hard time removing all the hair?

To successfully remove hair, the strip sugar® needs to grip to the hair. For this, your hair needs to be at least 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long, the strip sugar® needs to be warm enough with a honey-like consistency (not too hot and runny) and it needs to be applied in a thin layer. Pro Tip: To keep the strip sugar® temperature consistent while you remove your hair, place the bottle in a cup of hot water.

How long does a bottle of Kiss Waxing® Strip Sugar® last?

The large 10oz Body and Coarse Hair bottles can provide up to 2 full legs or 2 full back hair removals. The small 3oz Face bottle can provide up to 32 facial hair removals. Results for quantity treatments will vary from person to person depending on body type and amount of hair.

Can I reuse the cotton strips and spatulas?
Yes! You can use the same spatula and strip multiple times throughout your hair removal session. You can wash and reuse them 2 to 4 times before switching to a fresh set.


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